Financial Consulting

Services Overview

A full-service financial and operational advisory consulting firm, TFG Advisors provides tax planning, corporate recovery, litigation,, valuation, interim management, distressed M&A and capital raising, due diligence and technology advisory services on a global basis.

Strategic Planning
TFG Advisors Strategic Planning Analyzes business processes, develops operating plans and implements business strategies for growth minded early-stage and middle market companies.


Management Consulting
TFG Advisors provide full spectrum consulting for business clientele seeking organizational clarity and resource optimization.


Non Profit – Grant Writing

Tax Planning
For Businesses, Individuals and Families.


Corporate Finance
TFG Advisors develops financial resource plans and assists clients in obtaining necessary capitalization to meet stated business objectives.


Market Positioning & Compliance
TFG Advisors provides strategic market analysis/positioning and performs both financial and regulatory compliance for its clients.

Executive Engagement

Complete, customized consulting services in four stages.


Investigate, diagnose and evaluate current business strategies and their coordinated effectiveness throughout the organization. Consult closely with Board of Directors, executive team and/or management to gain intimate knowledge of the business goals, and where core competencies and strategic shortfalls exist.


Strategic Planning
Provide strategic, organizational and/or financial plans and remedies with a concise, written blueprint action plan, taking into consideration realistic market opportunities as well as the overall corporate mission of the client.


Manage strategic enactment and implementation of above recommended measures on site, including providing interim CEO/CFO/COO functions. This stage may also include other subcontracted professionals providing their expertise as deemed necessary by TFG and the client.


Ongoing Service
Provide on-site strategic management services and continuing evaluation and/or business measurement at intervals deemed necessary for success of the client.

TFG also offers its clients any one stage or any combination thereof.

Common Strategic Issues

•  Integrate management and facilitate business plans.
•  Formulate financial operating plans for 1, 3,and 5-year outlooks.
•  Identify strengths and weaknesses of organization.
•  Repackage an organization financially and strategically for its next move.
•  Determine optimal business focus.
•  Pursue strategic alliances.

• Institute best business practices.
• Assess corporate communications and culture.
• Provide infrastructure solutions for organizational clarity.
• Allocate resources both financial and human for optimal efficiency.
• Facilitate mergers and acquisitions including due diligence and integration.
• Re-engineer business processes for maximum effectiveness, including outsourcing options.

TFG also offers its clients any one stage or any combination thereof.